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Mindfulness Mentoring, Human Potential Maximization & Mastering The Art of Self - Responsibility.

Emotional Intelligence

I've created programs to help you understand why you make the decisions you make. I help you  avoid making unnecessary mistakes while you embody the self - assurance to Thrive in a constantly changing world.

Financial Intelligence

I've created programs to help you master your money story. Wealth is created from an abundance consciousness, not by working longer hours. I help you understand your inherent market value, release money blocks, so you never settle for less than you deserve in life.

Cultural Intelligence

I've created incubators to help you successfully network with visionaries from all over the world. Our incubators help you embody the self - assurance to travel the world, confidently communicate your ideas and enjoy a life of FREEDOM.

Business Intelligence

I've created programs to help you expand your services, skills, products and talents internationally. I help you articulate who you are, what value you can deliver to people who need your skills and how to package and promote yourself for global domination.


Heroic Human Adventure

Chief Vision Officer -
Global Strategic Planning

I'm currently working with leading edge visionaries in tech, medicine, education and the arts, to design and implement the blueprint for the future of humanity.

We're disrupting the education system, because we understand that our children's minds are at risk of mental indoctrination and slavery.

We're reviving an ancient healing system for emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological wellness, so we can move away from our global dependance on profiting from sickness.

We  utilize tech to carry the renaissance forward and we're constantly tapping into universal wisdom for guidance during times of rapid change. 

Stock Marketing Investing Educator -
Global Wealth

Formulated a comprehensive step by step, paint by numbers system and curriculum for beginner investor and traders to use to trade and profit from the U.S. stock market.

Built a comprehensive year long mentorship program for beginner traders, who eventually went on to start their own funds.

Institutional Trader -
Wall Street

Exceptionally well rounded and disciplined trader, demonstrating advanced proficiencies within the confines of allowable risk limits, money management order entry and market psychology. 

I F*CKEN KICK ASS in the financial markets.

VIP Cocktail Server -
Las Vegas Hospitality

Excelled at the art of building rapport, showing appreciation and offer meaningful praise to VIP clients, co-workers and night club patrons. This helped me to work with people from all social and economic levels.

My night club days taught me how to navigate difficult conversation, handle offensive behaviors with stride and remain positive, curious and open to new ideas.

I met more billionaires in Las Vegas casinos and night clubs and quickly learn that the nature of human is the same.

We all yearn to be loved and accepted for who we are. How we go about meeting these needs, differentiates a visionary from a follower.

Business Development -
Mortgage Industry

Achieved a 75% conversion ratio on new and existing sales leads by providing customized solutions for residential loan customers.

I honed my skills in

  • Listening for understanding
  • Respecting others’ thinking and value their contributions.
  • Honor confidentiality.
  • Practice self care throughout the sale process.
Customer Relations Ambassador -
South Africa Hospitality.

Do you ever feel like you're being judged for something you can't control? You might be experiencing implicit bias. During my days as a customer service ambassador, I learned to

  • Understand the nature and origins of implicit bias. 
  • Recognize the ways that implicit bias can lead to unfair or harmful decisions and actions in the workplace.
  • Identify ways to effectively address situations where implicit bias has had a negative impact.
  • Implement strategies to ensure decisions and actions are equitable and objective.
Telesales & Business Development -
South Africa Finance.

Do you ever find that sometimes dealing with people can be more of a drain on your energy, than pleasurable?

During my days of working in telesales boiler rooms, I quickly harnessed..

  • The inner resilience to bounce back from adversity and nasty client interactions.
  • Built my self-esteem as a foundation of resilience.
  • Learned to accept and embraced change.
  • Learned how to be flexible in my thinking to overcome obstacles.
  • Embraced stress management and relaxation strategies to maintain resilience.
Market & Product Placement -
Market Research Africa

Learned to enjoyed the art, science and process of market identification, segmentation and perpetration by understanding the

  • Types of questions to uncover customers’ needs.
  • Typical needs and challenges customers have when trying a service or product for the first time.
  • Challenges sales consultants have with listening.
  • Process to identify and implement strategies for listening and questioning clients about their business needs.
Entrepreneurship Development -
Buthelezi Family Business

A family business can be one of the most interesting environments to learn about yourself and the art of Entrepreneurship . I started working in my family's business at the age of 11 and honed my skills in 

  • Facilitating the learning processes for employees as they take on new tasks and responsibilities. 
  • Implementing strategies for communicating in times of change and uncertainty.
  • Coach employees and provide useful feedback.
  • Identify creative ways to clearly convey our family values and brand.

Purposeful Play, Profit & Philanthropy.

Allow Yourself Permission To Explore Your Life’s Purpose & Soul’s Mission, Before You Die.

We Employ Various Methodologies To Get To The Heart of Your Mission on Planet Earth.

African Philosophy & Mysticism
Question Life - The Socratic Method
Explore The Psyche - Jungian Archetypes Framework
Engage In Purposeful Play

Soul's Prayer & Intention For The Human Race.

“In my lifetime I have seen apartheid demolished- I grew up as a child of apartheid; my ancestors died before it was abolished. As I’ve come to understand that we all stand on the shoulders of giants and on the prayers of our ancestors- the intentions and the wishes of the generations that came before us activate us to create change TODAY.

So YES, I believe that in my lifetime we can experience world peace through innovative education… I am living proof.”   

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